What if you could say: “My tomatoes are patent-free!”
Seed will once again become a common good for everyone
Crop diversity and varietal abundance need many independent breeders

Join the movement!

Our organisation OpenSourceSeeds aims to make seed a common good again. It equips new crop varieties with the open-source licence. This is the most efficient way to legally protect seed from patenting and variety protection.

A few large companies now dominate the seed sector. They breed plants to be uniform, and use patents to defend their usage rights and profits. This squeezes out biodiversity, stifles innovation and restrains the capacity of agriculture to adapt to climate change.


Open source – what does that mean?

Rule 1: Everybody may use the seed, multiply it, enhance it, breed with it, and pass it on within existing laws.

Rule 2: Nobody is allowed to prove the seed and its developments with patents or plant variety protection rights.

Rule 3: Every recipient confers the same rights and obligations that he has obtained to those, whom he/she gives the seed.

These rights and obligations are set by the Open Source Seed Licence.


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