Name of breeder:

Dr. Hartmut Spieß, Dottenfelderhof, D-Bad Vilbel

Name of seed producer:

Forschung & Züchtung, LBS Dottenfelderhof, D-Bad Vilbel

Ökosaat-Hessen GmbH
Am Kornhaus 1
36318 Schwalmtal
Contact +49 06638 7169942,

Brief description of the variety and its main characteristics:

Convento C is a composite cross population (according to EU Regulation 2014/150 D) derived from intercrossing a number of parents.The variety is therefore characterized in terms of its yield and health. The variety has been shown to grow very well not only in Germany but also in the Netherlands. It produces good yields and has a good baking quality. It has shown a good resistance to stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis var. striiformis).