Name of breeder:

Ecological outdoor tomato project, Universität Göttingen
Contact: Dr. Bernd Horneburg,

Name of seed producer:

Culinaris – Saatgut für Lebensmittel. Göttingen

Name of seed supplier:

Culinaris – Saatgut für Lebensmittel. Göttingen

raimund Biogartenbedarf c/o PROFIDOR Garden Equipment
Fachhandel für Gartenbedarf
Lantzschweg 12
01824 Königstein

Sale of seedlings:
Gemüselust Klingelhöfer GmbH. Bielefeld

Brief description of the variety and its main characteristics:

Very aromatic, sweet and juicy cherry tomato. The bright yellow fruits hang in short bunches. Robust and strong-growing plant with loose foliage and high resistance in the field to leaf blight and brown rot Phytophtora infestans). The variety is early maturing and the fruits weigh about 20g. The variety was developed in an ecological outdoor tomato project of the University of Göttingen. It is well adapted to common garden conditions. Despite this, Sunviva prefers open, airy, sunny sites with deep, humus-rich soils. Sunviva is cultivated as a stake tomato with one or multiple branches. It is possible to grow Sunviva in pots or in buckets on balconies or terraces. Sowing: from mid-February. The aim is for the first flowering to occur after the last frost. Planting: in beds or in buckets with a volume of at least 8 litres.