Nombre del Desarrollador :

Landbauschule Dottenfelderhof e.V.
Dottenfelderhof 1
61118 Bad Vilbel, Germany

Nombre del productor de la Semilla:

BioSaat GmbH
Gut Mönchhof 2
37290 Meißner, Germany

Breve descripción de la variedad y sus características principales:

'Baldachin' was the first open-source crop to be jointly funded by the community for seed as a commons. More information about the crowdfunding campaign here: 'A rye that belongs to us all'.

This is a population with stable yields and drop rates, very good leaf health (especially resistance to brown rust and rhynchosporium) and stability with very good baking quality. The first cross with two population varieties took place in 2008, then further populations were crossed in from 2014 to 2016 by the means of open pollination. Finally, positive single-ear selection and negative selection took place before flowering. "Baldachin" exhibits great phenotypic diversity within the population, which is shown, for example, by different plants and ear lengths as well as tyre types. Selection took place for uniform grain and glume colour, hairiness below the ear is present.

Propagation is currently being established. Small quantities will be available for autumn sowing in 2022, larger quantities from 2023.