Ecological outdoor tomato project, University of Göttingen
Contact: Dr. Bernd Horneburg, bhorneb@gwdg.de


Culinaris – Saatgut für Lebensmittel. Göttingen www.culinaris-saatgut.de
Contakt:  info@culinaris-saatgut.de

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Culinaris – Saatgut für Lebensmittel. Göttingen
Kontakt: info@culinaris-saatgut.de
Shop: https://culinaris-saatgut.de/de/shop/tomaten/232-x/

Kurzbeschreibung der Sorte mit ihren wesentlichen Eigenschaften:

Classic red meat tomato (200g) for cooking or sandwiches. Medium fruit ripeness. Very robust, low-growing, medium-leaved plant, strong seedlings.
Vivagrande was developed in the field, it is very resistant to late blight (phytophtora infestans) and usually needs no rain protection. Classic cross-breeding. The variety was selected under extensive conditions in the field.