Name of breeder:

Stefan Griesser
Bachserstr. 2
CH 8187 Weiach, Switzerland

Name of seed supplier:

 The variety is currently being tested and not yet available.

Brief description of the variety and its main characteristics:

Inspired by Tom (working title) is a crossbreed between the Blue Eyes (f) and Phureja Dreams (m) breeding lines. Both parental lines belong to Varietas, a small organic breeding company in Switzerland. Blue Eyes was registered as a niche variety in Switzerland in 2016. Phureja Dreams is in registration, also as a niche variety  

Inspired by Tom is a red-skinned and yellow-fleshed potato. Sometimes it shows a light red ring. The eyes are slightly deepened at the top. Tubers are medium-sized and tend to mature rather late to late.

The variety cooks mostly firm, is slightly floury, creamy but not dry. It has the typical Solanum phureja taste. It is particularly suitable for fried grated potatoes, simply steamed potatoes or for purée.

 The variety is currently being tested and not yet available.